Former President Ma Ying-jeou suspected of incitement to divulge the case, the Taipei Metropolitan Bureau of the investigation ended, prosecuted Ma Ying-jeou. When the inspector general Huang Shiming said at that time was the horse's instructions to the Chief Executive and others reported that the disciples pointed out that the confession may become the prosecution that Ma Ying-jeou guilty of the key.
The case from 2013, the special investigation group investigators corruption case, accidentally listened to legislator Ke Jianming said that when the Legislative Yuan Wang Jinping also forward for the former Minister of Justice Zeng Yongfu said. When the chief prosecutor Huang Shiming this translation to Ma Ying-jeou report, the horse instructed Huang Xiang to the Executive Yuan Jiang Yihua report. The North Inspection found that Ma Mingzhi President and the Chief Executive of the prosecutor's investigation without supervision and supervision of the right, the chief inspector did not report to the Chief Executive of the investigation of criminal cases obligations, but instigated Huang Xiangjiang Yi and others reported that the violation of the law, Incitement to divorce and other crimes.

According to the free time report, there are bureaucrats that Huang Shiming in the court said the original did not have to report to Jiang Yihua, was the night before the President of the House to Ma Ying-jeou reported that the case, the "President of the horse" to Jiang Yihua and Luo Zhiqiang Explain the contents of the survey. Therefore, if the prosecution finds that Ma Ying-jeou is guilty, Huang Shiming's words will become "the last straw", after being sentenced to death, the horse can not escape the robbery.


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